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Our Tampines Hub Festive Greetings


Our challenge

Every festive season, residents in Tampines would be greeted by a short video from their Grassroots Advisors, including Mr. Masagos Zulkifli, Dr. Koh Poh Koon, Mr. Desmond Choo and Mr. Baey Yam Keng.

Although the Grassroots Advisors were able to convey their well wishes through the video, the earnestness of their messages were often undersold by their locale: a nondescript office. 

We saw an opportunity to help Our Tampines Hub redesign their festive greetings in an effort to recapture the hearts and minds of residents. 

Mr. Masagos Zulkifli's greeting.png
Mr. Baey Yam Keng's greeting
Mr. Desmond Choo's greeting

Our insight

A familiar sight at community events in the heartlands, the Grassroots Advisors have always shared a special affinity with residents in Tampines. To communicate the same level of relatability in their festive greetings, we needed to bring the Grassroots Advisors out of their offices.

Lou Hei

Photo: Facebook / Koh Poh Koon - 许宝琨

Chinese New Year set design
People helping with Chinese New Year set design

Our big idea

As the recognisable 'downtown' of Tampines, Our Tampines Hub represents the perfect setting for the festive greeting video. 

During the 2024 Chinese New Year season, for example, we also invested in an elaborate set complete with Chinese New Year paraphernalia to bring the sights, atmosphere and emotions of the festival to residents.

This was accompanied by scenes of each Grassroots Advisor assisting staff members from Our Tampines Hub in adding the final touches to the set. The goal was to impart a more grounded and empathetic vibe to the video. 

Our delivery

The first festive greeting of the year-long campaign commissioned by Our Tampines Hub launched during the 2024 Chinese New Year season, with the video shared on Our Tampines Hub's social media.

Chinese New Year greeting


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2,000 views on the Facebook video

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