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Beerfest Asia 2023


Our challenge

Beerfest Asia is a stage for local and regional craft breweries to show off unique brewing techniques and bold new flavours. Every year, thousands throng the festival to discover their next favourite pints. But the pandemic took away that experience. When Beerfest Asia marked its return in 2023 after 3 long years away, we knew we had to re-engage the community and ignite the appetite for Asia’s largest beer festival again.

The Challenge

Our insight

Beerfest Asia had always been promoted as the flagship event for craft breweries and beer lovers. Its key visuals drew from a kaleidoscope of colours and diverse themes to convey a snazziness and stoke the curiosity of festival goers.

Beerfest Asia 2019
Beerfest Asia 2018
Beerfest Asia 2023

Our big idea

Having been out of the spotlight for 3 years, Beerfest Asia needed a strong reintroduction.
So we made it wear its identity on its sleeve, designing its key visual to celebrate what made Beerfest Asia so well loved: beers - over 600 of it at the 2023 edition - and live music. We also streamlined the colour palette to bring the focus back to the aforementioned. 

Our delivery

Beerfest Asia’s new look debuted across multiple touchpoints such as social media, email newsletters and digital banners. Each piece of media hewed to the key visual to maintain mindshare.

Equally crucial to guiding conversation around Beerfest Asia 2023 were just-in-time video content that allowed us to encapsulate the buzz of the festival - from set-up to event day to post-event - in a genuine way.

Beerfest Asia 2023 on EDM
Beerfest Asia 2023 digital banner
Beerfest Asia 2023 Instagram post


Seen by all

Number of views

Guided by a consistent look across all visual assets on different social media channels, promotional media for Beerfest Asia 2023 found over 6 million impressions in 2 months.

Talked about at scale

Talked about at scale

Beerfest Asia 2023 was picked up by more than 20 publications, including Time Out Singapore and Channel NewsAsia.

Visited by many

Number of visitors

30,000 festival goers turned up for Beerfest Asia 2023.

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